Athena Institute 10X Pheromones: Do They Work?


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Athena Pheromones 10x for men is another great pheromone product available on the market. It claims it can make men sexually appealing to women. However, the manufacturers don’t market it as an aphrodisiac.


athena pheromonesSupposedly, you can blend this product with other alcohol-based aftershaves. This is done by mixing it with 2 to 3 ounces of aftershave and placing the mixture in a vial. Athena comes with a funnel, which makes this process easier. It is suggested that you use the product daily.

The product claims to make women, friends, and others notice you more. However, it can’t eliminate sexual dysfunctions, if any exist. Dr. Cutler begins studying pheromone additives in the 1970s. However, she and her team didn’t actually find anything substantial until the middle of the 1980s.

Dr. Cutler provides good detailed information about the product on its official website. Athena is oil-based, odorless and safe. It comes in an easy to use bottle, which increases its convenience. Just spritz a few drops on your wrist or neck.


However, Athena has the following flaws:

  • It only works based on the user’s body chemistry. This means it does not provide positive results for all men. Some users say it takes a few days to work, and others say it takes up to 6 weeks.
  • If you are sensitive to alcohol-based products, you should never use Athena.
  • Manufacturers claim Athena is a pheromone product, but the company does not give any information about the pheromones contained in the cologne.
  • No one can authenticate the ingredients or its effectiveness.
  • The product costs more than other pheromone products.

So, it is suggested that you use other pheromone products that are reputable, less expensive and effective.

How It Works

When people research various products such as Athena, they are curious about fragrance additives. What do they do? How do they work? The synthetic pheromone Athena uses has received very good reviews. No one knows what it is, but it still gets good reviews.

There is an additive for both males and females. Men can add it to aftershaves, and women can add it to perfumes. The good thing is that you’ll still smell like your favorite products, and no one will else be able to detect a different scent. They’ll just become more attracted to you. Just put a few dabs of Athena on the neck, behind the ears or on the upper lip.

In terms of costs, these additives are more expensive than similar products. But based upon scientific research, they work! Scientists had to study them for years to acquire consistent results according to

Customer Reviews

Both men and women rave about these additives. They are satisfied with their received results. Some like to wear additives all day instead of just wearing them to nightclubs and bars. Business professionals claim additives help them to prosper in their careers. This is because they help with the attention span of their clients. Not all pheromone products can do this. There have been many positive Athena pheromone reviews online as well.

However, keep in mind that no one has the same chemical signature. This means you won’t get the same results from a product as someone who is standing right next to you. The unattractive guy next to you may or not get better responses from women. Some women may love you and hate him.

The same thing happens when natural pheromones are thrown into the mix.


A lot of humans don’t produce pheromones strong enough to be detected by members of the opposite sex. This is why pheromone additives are so popular. They help balance out the playing field for humans don’t produce a lot of strong pheromones. Just use products such as Athena, if you are one of these unfortunate people. Use Athena to your benefit and get more attention from members of the opposite sex.

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