Increase Sperm Motility Effectively: What Research Says

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Have you ever been pondering your sexual conquests and wondered how you could increase sperm motility effectively? Believe it or not, thousands of men have thought of this very question. So many have, in fact, that funding was placed into the research of finding the perfect solution. Doctors and physicians became taken aback by the demand, and over time were able to put together a well thought out plan to make an increase possible. Before anything though, what exactly is sperm motility?

How Sperm Motility Works

The basic principle of motility in a man’s sperm is attempting to increase the volume to allow a maximum orgasm. With more volume comes more euphoria, something every guy would love to encounter. Also, with the volume being great, more muscles contract in the human body, making sure pleasure is at its absolute premium.

Products like Semenax affect several areas to increase semen flow by up to 500%. Some of the regions affected include the ejaculatory ducts, testes, prostate gland, and seminal vesicles. Doctors state that the overall process can be attributed to putting oil in a car. Oil increases the performance of a vehicle dramatically, and pills like Semenax enhance the function of every region in your libido. This, of course, is what produces more sperm.

When various muscle groups are contracting at once, the maximum flow of sperm is allowed. Because sperm products widen these gaps, the volume is at an all-time high. In fact, one can expect a gradual increase in sperm from week to week. The reason it is able to happen so quickly is that the human body is very receptive to penile tissue relaxation. In short, your body enjoys the pleasure.

Increasing Sperm Motility

To increase sperm motility effectively through the use of doctor-recommended supplements is to also increase the quality of sperm. This is obviously great for fertility purposes if that is what you desire. Most men prefer more volume for a better climax with their partner between the sheets, but solutions like Semenax also give men the opportunity to reverse low sperm count. Improved production of semen over time creates sperm that is of the highest quality because the body is used to making it efficiently.

Can Low Semen Volume Be Solved?

Low semen volume is detrimental to a man’s quality of life for a variety of reasons. For starters, the less there is, the greater the likelihood is that an experienced orgasm won’t be a good one. Volume directly relates to the level of climax felt.

It goes without saying that the maximum amount of pleasure is what is desired when you are having intercourse with your lover. Semen volume also has a very different purpose, however. It is also hugely important to fertility. Couples who have trouble conceiving can almost always point to the volume being low. This causes stress on the relationship and can be very depressing if trying to start a family. So can the problem be solved?

According to expert doctors, and the respected Men’s Health Customer Journal, the answer is yes. The crux of solving volume amount is by making as many muscles contract around the libido during climax as possible. This opens the three caverns located inside the penis allowing maximum movement of semen.

Semenax to Boost Sperm Volume

For this process to occur, a supplement must be swallowed to prepare and expand the penile tissue. An example of this is Semenax. Semenax is recommended by doctors due to its lack of side effects and positive results. It also boasts progress on a weekly level, so users can track just how well their semen volume is improving.

The endgame goal is improving the flow of semen and having amazing orgasms. Testimonials rave about how much they can produce for their respective lovers. Semenax enhances male body parts that include the ejaculatory ducts, Vas deferens, the prostate gland, and the testes. Car oil makes the engine on a vehicle run more smoothly and drive longer. The same is true of supplements increasing volume. Learn more at

Low semen volume can also be solved at a quicker rate if the user combines the right supplement with a healthy diet. Some may think being healthy is not directly related to the process, however, doctors urge that for maximum flow of semen through your penis, you must have a clean bill of health to not have anything bogging down your system.

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