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Penis Enlargement

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Do you want to enlarge your penis? A lot of men are overly concerned about the size of their penis rather than their partners, but these concerns most of the time are unfounded. If you have a penis that is at least 2 inches or even longer, it is already big enough to perform any sexual activity from pleasuring your partner to procreation. Sex techniques are actually more important than penis size.

If you think something is wrong with your genitals, consult your doctor. It is most likely you will be told you’re perfectly ok.

A boy’s penis starts growing from puberty to a length of 2 and 5 inches i.e. (5 – 13 cm). And this continues to grow until about age 20. If you are less than 20 years, then you may still witness some natural growth. The average male adult will have a penis six of 6 – 7 inches i.e. (15 – 18 cm) when erect.

The oversize penises often seen in pornographic movies are not the standard. The producers of these movies look for actors who are above the average size. Some of these are accidents of nature, like having an excessively large nose. Others are not even real. In the pornographic industry, fake body parts and deceptive photography are common.

There are some known ways that men have sought to enlarge or increase the size of their penis, some of them are:


Penis enlargement by surgery entails the severing of the ligament holding the base of the penis to the pelvis for an increased length or takes the form of implants for the increasing of girth. This is a very major surgery carried out on an in-patient with a general anesthesia. However, just like any surgery, this is very risky.

It’s better to know the penile surgery risks before undergoing something that may or may not give you the results you’re looking for before you go under the knife.

Men can choose from two types of surgery that will lengthen their penis; each is preformed by a board certified plastic surgeon. The surgeon takes a knife to the ligaments surrounding the penis that hold it in for the first type of surgery. The doctor then applies weights or a type of stretching device to increase the size of the penis. The other surgery type involves redistributing fat from one area of your body into another, which is known as a dermal implant. Your surgeon’s goal with a dermal implant is to add length and girth to your penis.

The cost of each surgery can put a serious dent into your wallet. The lowest you can expect to pay is $4,000, enough for a used car or a nice vacation. The highest amount that plastic surgeons advertise is $17,000. Many shy away from the penile surgery because of the amount alone. Unlike other medical procedures, insurance doesn’t cover it unless an injury happens to your penis.

Most of the time the results are not as expected. Common fallouts of the ligament severing surgery are the loss of the ability to control the movement of the penis. Also some nerves may be accidentally severed and all the sensation in the penis can be completely lost. Generally, doctors only choose to carry out this surgery in cases of serious trauma or deformity.

Penile surgery risks deter some men from going under the knife. First off, either surgery may only lengthen your penis up to one inch in size, according to experts. Men may find themselves anxious because they went through all the trouble only to find out that they have very little sensation left after the surgery. In this instance, the surgery increased psychological stress on the person that more than likely left him worse off than before. As with any surgery, complications can arise such as a reaction to the anesthesia used and post operative infections. In rare cases damage to the nerves surrounding the tissue can occur but this fact along with infections and reactions to the anesthesia rarely happen. It’s up to the person and his reason for wanting to have the procedure done whether or not penile surgery risks are worth it or not.

Natural Methods

The other ways that are non-surgical are the stretching by hand, using a mechanical device, the use of vacuum pumps or attachment of weights. All these carry the risk of serious trauma plus a potential loss of sexual functions if not done well. The gains are often not noticeable.

The method that is probably the most harmless is hand stretching known as jelqing, as the person doing it will most likely stop before harming himself. Even with this too, there is no proven medical record that it does the work other than pleasuring the one doing it.

There are a lot of claims by some companies on the internet and through emails that they have penis enlargement creams, pills, powders and even drops that will make your penis grow larger and longer. These are all scams and all the advertisements lies with no medical proof.

The only clinically proven and doctor recommended way of increasing your penis is by using what is known as penis extenders. This works by applying small amounts of stress to the penis body, thereby forcing the skin cells to continuously regenerate and increasing in length and girth as a result. This gives a 100% permanent enlargement, improves sexual stamina and boost male confidence.

The Benefits of Using A Penis Extender

Many men have found that by using a penis extender, they achieve realistic gains in their penis length, and they also correct certain medical conditions that affect the internal shaft of the penis. The best aspect about using a penis extender is that it is used externally, so it’s non-invasive. The device isn’t impregnated with herbs or with hormones. Since it’s an external medical device, the penis extender user never has to worry about the device interacting with any medication that they might be prescribed.

The device works, by placing the shaft of the penis within a chamber that wraps or clamps around the head of the penis, and the base of the penis. As traction is applied to the shaft of the penis, the penis will in time stretch in order to meet the demands of the traction. A user will never notice extravagant penis length gains, and certainly not within a short period of time. A user of this device needs to be ready to use the device over the long haul, in order to see results ranging from a half an inch, up to a couple of inches. The estimated amount of time that this takes is approximately six months if the device is worn as prescribed according to

Why It Is The Best Method

An extender is a far superior product to use over male enhancement pills, as pill manufacturers make outlandish claims about dramatically increasing a man’s length, girth, stamina, or sexual performance. While certain herbs help the blood to circulate more powerfully in the shaft of the penis, no herb can make a penis grow in length. No herb will make a man perform with more sexual prowess. No pill will send enough blood to the penile chamber to make a significant difference in a man’s girth size.

The key herb used in herbal male enhancement pills is ginseng. Ginseng in of itself isn’t dangerous but as it is a stimulant, it shouldn’t be used by anyone with a heart condition or by anyone on blood pressure medication. Ginseng is the herbal equivalent to caffeine. If a person’s heart is weak, then they will experience high blood pressure and possibly a heart attack. This isn’t even taking into account the other stimulating herbs that are often included within herbal male enhancement pills.

On the other hand, a penis extender is used externally, so there is no worries about dangerous drug interactions. The top brands of penis extenders are made to allow for proper blood circulation while providing traction, so that a man doesn’t have to worry about blood clots or internal circulation issues, especially if he has a health condition such as diabetes.

Specifically, a penis extender works by applying traction to the shaft of the penis. As the penis is being pulled forward by traction, microscopic tears will take place within the tissue of the shaft. Since the body regenerates itself when it has been injured, new tissue cells will develop along the torn areas of the penis shaft. This process of cellular regeneration is called mitosis.

How Penis Traction Works

Specifically during the process of mitosis, the cells of the penis tissue begin to split and divide. These cells will create brand new tissue within the penis shaft and this new tissue will in short start to fill in the gaps that were placed there from the penis being pulled through traction. As the penis starts to internally recover from being microscopically torn, it will start to increase in length and in some cases, girth.

Candidates for penis extension therapy are primarily those who suffer from Peyronie’s disease. This disease in short causes for plaque, or scar tissue, to develop internally along the shaft of the penis. This condition can cause erectile dysfunction and penile curvature.

According to a six month study that was performed at the X4 labs, in conjunction with the International Andrological Association, up to 70 percent of men who were tested showed the correction of their penis curvature, after wearing a penis extender for six months. Not only was there a decrease in internal plaque buildup, but there was reported a decrease in erectile dysfunction as well. Learn more at

In addition to the medical community, penis extenders have gained national media attention. As a matter of fact, a GQ magazine staff writer wore a penis extender, and he noted in the May 2008 issue of the magazine that he was able to obtain half an inch of penis growth, due to the traction that was applied to his penis shaft. It was also noted that he achieve growth, even after not wearing the device for hours at a time, as is recommended.

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